Σάββατο 4 Ιουλίου 2020

My Greek Summer (Port Rafti)

Good morning dear friends! Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!
Through the  pandemic,very often we go at Porto Rafti,for a walk,early in the morning,or for having a coffee with the gorgeous view of the sea!

Porto Rafti is a seaside resort town on the Eastern coastline of Athens,taking its name from Rafti island,which is visible just of the headline.

A few small island lay scattered within the bay and Porto Rafti is surrounding by pine cladded hills and mountains.

Some photos with flowers from my walk at the coastline.

I dedicate this video of my beautiful country,Greece,to all my friends.
Keep on dreaming!
Stay strong,stay safe!
Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. Good morming dear Dimi!
    Beautiful photos and video! It looks so pretty in your country. The flowers looks great too. I guess it's a (Nerium) Oleander in your first photo? They are used as a houseplant here :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, and take care!

  2. Πηγαίνω κι εγώ συχνά στο Πόρτο Ράφτη! Μ'αρέσει πολύ.
    Υπέροχες οι φωτογραφίες σου και το βίντεο.
    Αυτές τις ομορφιές της χώρας μας που επιδέξια παρουσίαζεις και τόσο διακριτικά δείχνουν πόσο υπέροχη είσαι.
    Καλό Σ/Κο
    Φιλιά πολλά

  3. Τι όμορφη έκπληξη!
    Πολύ όμορφες φωτογραφίες!
    Καλό σαββατοκύριακο!

  4. This area looks so inviting, Dimi, I wish I could step into the monitor and join you there right now! A coffee by the ocean with the smell of the salty air and the gulls swooping overhead yelling "Good morning humans!" would be an experience to savour - perhaps to order a second coffee! Your country is spectacular, Dimi - and so is the place of your birth. You have been fortunate in life.

  5. Hello Dimi,
    I would enjoy my cup of coffee watching the sea and boats. Beautiful views of the town and the bay. The flowers are gorgeous. You do live in a beautiful country. Take care and stay safe! Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

  6. Good morning 🙂 awesome pictures as always. Wonderful views. Heaven on the earth

  7. Lindo lugar, flores e tuas fotos maravilhosas! beijos, chica

  8. Πόσα χρόνια έχω να πάω σε αυτό το όμορφο μέρος βρε Δήμητρα. Γιατί δεν ταξιδεύουμε τελικά; Ακόμα και αυτό μας το περιόρισαν. Γιατί; Οι φωτογραφίες σου όπως πάντα έξοχες, γεμάτες χρώμα και υπέροχα κάδρα.
    Καλησπέρα καλή μου φίλη.
    Το κοινοποιώ σε σελίδες στα μέσα.

    1. Να πας Γιάννη ξανά και ξανά. Δεν είναι μακριά και για έναν καφέ με την οικογένεια, για μπάνιο είναι υπέροχη τοποθεσία. Μπορεί να μη μπορούμε να ταξιδεύουμε αλλά στις κοντινές ομορφιές μπορούμε να πηγαίνουμε,ναι;

  9. Un bien bel endroit que je crois reconnaître ah, ah, ah!
    Mais encore plus beau grâce au talent de la photographe!
    Bon week-end ma chère Dimi!

  10. Beautiful spaces, indeed. Clean and much blue. Nice country you have!
    And the image with flowers are gorgeous! Thank you a lot for these beauties, dear Dimi!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend and an inspired July!
    Hugs, Suzana.

  11. It's good to dream Dimi, your little video is beautiful to watch, and maybe one day we could visit, but to be honest as we get older flying seems stressful. Alistair has never been to Greece and I have only been to Crete which was fantastic...but who know what the future holds.
    Your photos are so beautiful, thanks for sharing them, Kate x

  12. The perfect place to start a good day !!!!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend !

  13. Nigdy nie znudzi mi się odlądanie małych, greckich zatoczek z żaglówkami i pięknej, śródziemnomorskiej roślinności. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  14. What a beautiful place. A great view to begin your day!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Dimi.

  15. Dear Dimi!
    This place looks inviting and relaxing. I admire the beautiful, picturesque landscapes, wonderful flowers and excellent photos as always.

  16. Dear friend Dimi from wonderful Greece, you life in a great heavenly region! To star the day on a place you show to us here is like a glimpse of paradise - - -

    the soft and peaceful sea, the fine small houses on the coast, the plants and flowers - you bring all into my and - I see all the very nice comments - heart and mind.

    Congratulation for living here!

    Have a very happy time!

    Greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest

  17. The region where you live is incredibly beautiful. Look at the lovely flowers and the sea!
    I would like to have a cup of coffee there with you.
    Dear Dimi, thank you for your beautiful photos and the extremely beautiful video.

  18. Hello Dimi, your photos are lovely as always. I would love to visit Greece one day! Have a pleasant week!

  19. Hi my lovely friend ,what a beautiful Island this is and I love your beautiful pics so glad you found me. Cheers Shez xx

  20. What a beautiful pictures! Have a nice day Dimi :)

  21. Hello Dimi
    Your photographs are so lovely.
    I am imagining a walk and then sitting with a cup of coffee admiring the wonderful view and blue sea.
    The flowers are gorgeous.

    Stay well

    All the best Jan

  22. Hello Dimi !
    I am delighted with the seaside views of Greece! I admire the beautiful flowers, especially this red hibiscus!
    Beautiful photos !

  23. My dear Dimi,
    I am very happy to meet you again on the blog!
    Thank you for the message you left me on the blog! I had a harder time but now it's easier ... and I hope it stays that way! I think I have a thousand questions that I would like to ask you but ... not on the blog! Anyway, I'm glad you're here again! Hugs!

  24. Dearest Dimi,
    You represent Greece so splendidly with your 'poetic' photography!
    Big hugs and enjoy your area.

  25. υπεροχες οι φωτο σου οπως παντα .... we love Greece!!!!!!!!!

  26. πολύ ωραίες όλες οι φωτογραφίες σου με την αγαπημένη μου θάλασσα

  27. Πόσες μα πόσες ομορφιές έχει η πατρίδα μας φίλη μου και εσύ με τον φωτογραφικό φακό σου τις κάνεις να φαίνονται ακόμα πιο όμορφες..από την θάλασσα με τα καραβάκια της μέχρι τα υπέροχα λουλούδια όλα είναι πανέμορφα..
    Σε ευχαριστούμε για την αφιέρωση με το καταπληκτικό βίντεο.
    Να περνας όμορφα ότι και κάνεις Δημητρα μου.. καλό σου ξημερωμα..🌙 φιλιαα!!

  28. Αυτές οι φωτογραφίες σου είναι πραγματικά ονειρεμένες !!!!
    Η ψυχή μας γεμίζει, ομορφιά και φως και σ ευχαριστούμε πολύ γι αυτό ... να είσαι καλά να μας ομορφαίνεις τη ζωή !!! Το βίντεο εκπληκτικό !!!! Τα φιλιά μου !!!!!

  29. Beautiful photos of your village Dimi, it's like a holiday. Which seabirds do you see there? Greetings Caroline

  30. Se disfruta mucho pasear pronto y a la orilla del mar. Nos hace sentirnos bien Dimi.
    Me encantan las fotos. Este año no viajaremos al mar, nos conformaremos viendo las fotos. Gracias o por compartillas.
    Te deseo un buen fin de semana. Cuídate.
    Un abrazo.

  31. Hello Dimi. I have been away from my blog...far too log...10 months to be exact. However I am back and this is a hello to all my blog friends on my blog list and also to invite you to participate in my Fresh Start giveaway. Your photos are wonderful....practically an invitation to visit Greece! We are so fortunate to live in the Mediterranean...the sea is really that blue as you portray in your photographs. The colour of the flowers so impresive. keep well Amanda :-)

  32. Maravilha de publicação e de vídeo, Dimi! Adorei tudo!!!
    Este ano, também ficarei sem passar o Verão junto ao mar, como costuma ser habitual... irei sentir muita falta... mas a saúde da minha mãe, está em primeiro lugar...
    Beijinhos! Tudo de bom, por aí!


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