Σάββατο 25 Ιουλίου 2020

The Owl. (Athene noctua)

The Owl

Good morning dear friends! I hope you are well and healthy!
Last week i saw this beautiful Owl watching me! It was sitting on the chimney!

It was the first time i saw and photographed an Owl!

I loved her big eyes and her beautiful plumage!

A Bumblebee on the wildflower.


European Goldfinch

Sardinian Warbler on my lemon tree

Love the fragrance of my Jasmine tree!

Who doesn’t like a sunset on a beach?I sure do!


Home Made Pizza

I love making pizza for my family!
A Vegetarian pizza for my eldest granddaughter,with mushrooms,cheese,peppers and tomatoes,and ham and cheese,pizza,with peppers and tomatoes for all of us!

Dear friends ,have a happy day and a lovely weekend! Stay safe and strong! 🧡😷

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  1. Good morning sunshine in adorable Greece, dear Dimi!

    This owl is my absolute favourite! What a miracle! A wonder, that you could make this wonderful photo! My respect!!

    I love all the photos you show here: The sweet Blumblebee on the thistle-flower, the other wonderful birds.... also a blessing to bring them into the camera - -

    I enjoy the mild sunset on the beach - I smell the fragrance of your Jasmine-tree, I smell the fine vegetarian pizza of your eldest granddaughter - O BIG Granddaughters you have!! -

    My best regards and stay healthy and happy, dear spiritual friend Dimi!

  2. Good morning dear Dimi!
    Your photos of the Owl are so beautiful! It must have been so wonderful to see it so close. The Jasmine tree looks lovely, and I wish I could smell the fragrance!
    I wish you a very nice weekend!

  3. Hello dear Dimi! Your photos are all wonderful, but the owl is just FANTASTIC! How lovely that it came so near. What wonderful feathers, so fluffy, I want to stroke her! The Sardinian warbler is a bird I don't know. And how lovely to have a lemon tree! And your Pizza! I wish I could have helped you to eat it! A SUPER post today, you have made me happy! Thanks. BIG hugs, Valerie

  4. Hello Dimi,
    I just love your cute adorable owl, what a great sighting. All your birds are beautiful. Lovely series of photos. The Jasmine tree is beautiful. The pizza looks delicious, it would be my favorite. Enjoy your day,wishing you a happy weekend!

  5. Lovely owl and pictures !!!!
    Thanks for sharing those beauties !
    Have a nice weekend !

  6. An owl is always a very special sighting, Dimi, and I am glad that you were able to take pictures to share with us. Your other bird pictures are terrific too. Well done!

  7. Πω πω, σαν ψεύτικη είναι η κουκουβάγια!
    Πολύ καλλιτεχνικές όλες οι φωτογραφίες! Και η πίτσα μου άνοιξε την όρεξη!
    Καλό σαββατοκύριακο!!!

  8. Fotos maravilhosas e a coruja perfeição! Lindo fim de semana! beijos, chica

  9. Buena serie de imágenes, que comienza con ese precioso búho de ojos muy grandes. Yo los he fotografiado siempre que he acudido a un Mercado Medieval.
    Las aves, las flores y los insectos también han tenido un especial protagonismo y la guinda que adorna el pastel, ha sido esa hermosa puesta de sol , que tanto me gusta fotografiar cuando estoy cerca del mar.

    Feliz fin de semana.

  10. Oh chère Dimi, que de merveilleuses photos une nouvelle fois!
    Celles de la chouette sont si parfaites. Quel bonheur tu as dû avoir à la photographier mais aussi à la voir de tes propres yeux!
    Quant à tes pizzas, elles sont très appétissantes et la pâte me semble bien croustillante, comme je l'aime.
    Passe un excellent week-end.

  11. Hello Dimi, lovely photos of the owl and the other creatures. The sunset at the beach is very beautiful! Have a lovely weekend,
    Greetings, Jonny.

  12. Dearest Dimi,
    What a happy and bubbly post with excellent photos.
    That owl is incredible, it looks like it is visiting with you.
    And your jasmines are so full and no doubt fill the air with a heavenly scent.
    Great bird photos in all and to top it all off, you show that you're quite a Lady Chef as well!

  13. Wow, Dimi your owl photos are stunning and up close, I love those big eyes. Beautiful birds too and of course that excellent delicious looking pizza. Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

  14. What a wonderful meeting with a beautiful owl!
    Fantastic pics as always on your blog!
    Happy weekend !

  15. The owl is so gorgeous. I like your photos very much. Have a nice evening.

  16. The pizza looks absolutely delicious!!! I can see all my favourite ingredients!! Nothing better than home baked!! Nobody could be blamed in thinking that Athene has sent you a messenger ...beautiful owl and such wonderful photos. Swimming when the sun goes what a treat!! Take care Amanda x

  17. Μένω εκστασιασμένος από τις φωτογραφίες σου Δήμητρα. Εξαίρετες. Ανάσες.
    Καλησπέρα καλή μου φίλη.

  18. How lucky you were to see the owl! It's beautiful and the eyes are amazing!
    And the Jasmine is extraordinary. And also the tea with it! :)
    Thank you for the beach image. I'm not sure we shall go this year
    All the best, dear Dimi! Wishing you a fine weekend and a lovely week ahead!

  19. What a fabulous post Dimi, the owl is so beautiful and your photos of her are amazing, in fact all your photos are amazing, thank you for sharing them, have a super weekend, Kate x

  20. Hi Dimi, I don't know if you remember me? Mildred in Georgia USA. Nice to find you again. All of these pictures are beautiful but the owl is just amazing. The eyes are so bright! I wish you a lovely weekend.

  21. Hi,dear Dimi!Amazing pictures!!!Your pizza looks yummy,mouthwatering!It is a pleasure stopping by!Thanks!

  22. Πω πω τι όμορφη η κουκουβάγια!! Και υπέροχη η φωτογραφία σαν να τη βλέπω ολοζώντανη μπροστά μου
    Μπράβο βρε Δήμητρα για τις φωτογραφικές σου ικανότητες!
    Καλοχώνευτη και η πίτσα. Θαυμάσιες και οι υπόλοιπες φώτο
    Τις χαζεύω συνεχώς
    Τα φιλιά μου από Κεφαλονιά

  23. Its a beautiful owl. Pretty dandelion and delicious looking pizza. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

  24. Hello. Awesome photos of owl! I love all these photos.
    Take care!

  25. Dear Dimi!
    The pictures of the owl are fantastic. Congratulations on making them!
    Every photo you take is amazing. I always admire them!
    I love pizza, yours look very appetizing.

    A healthy, happy week.

  26. Δήμητρά μου, την επόμενη φορά να με καλέσεις, ΟΚ? Λατρεύω την πίτσα! Χα, χα.
    Ωραιότατες οι φωτογραφίες σου, φίλη μου, ιδίως το ηλιοβασίλεμα. Όμως την παράσταση κλέβει η υπέροχη κουκουβάγια. Δεν ξέρω πώς μπόρεσες να τη φωτογραφίσεις από τόσο κοντά, αλλά ειλικρινά νιώθω ότι μπορώ να την αγγίξω! Στέλνω φιλιά!

  27. Kalimera! :)))

    Beautifull pictures, I love pizza :) Have a nice evening Dimi :)

  28. I want to say, that I love your new blogger-picture (Blog-Profil) . Such shining colours! Do I see you in a kind of mirror?

  29. Hi Dimi oh what beautiful pics and wow how amazing to see this beautiful owl ,such a wonderful experience ,Thankyou for sharing them with us my beautiful friend,stay safe and take care xx

  30. Ντίμη μου, ξέρεις πόσο λατρεύω τον τρόπο που φωτογραφίζεις, αλλά έχω μείνει με το στόμα ανοιχτό μ αυτήν την όμορφη κουκουβάγια!!! Υπέροχη λήψη, και τι ωραία που σου πόζαρε! Και οι άλλες όμως οι φωτογραφίες είναι τέλειες! Όσο για τις πίτσες...πραγματικά λαχταριστές!
    Πώς πάνε τα μπανάκια;
    Φιλάκια και καλή εβδομάδα!

  31. Hola Dimi. Me ha encantado esta preciosa naturaleza tan llena de vida, cuantos regalos nos da.
    Gracias por esa puesta de sol que este año no veremos.
    Te deseo un buen lunes. Cuídate amiga.
    Un abrazo.

  32. Hello Dimi!
    Wonderful pictures! I love owls!
    Have a happy summer!

  33. Good afternoon, how are you? I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro and looking for new followers for my blog. And I will follow yours with pleasure. New friends are also welcome, no matter the distance.


  34. Hello Dimi, I hope your week is going well.
    I love your owl photographs, they are stunning.
    Some colourful birds too and ...
    Yummy pizza :)

    Great post.
    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  35. Very pretty photos! The owl looks cute. And the pizzas look absolutely delicious.
    Greetings! Sadini

  36. αχου το μου αχου το μουυυυυυυυυ τι ομορφο κουκλι!!!

  37. Δήμητρα μου δεν μπόρεσα να κάνω την μετάφραση όμως θαύμασα ακομα μια φορά τις εκπληκτικες σου φωτογραφίες...πρέπει να είσαι εξπερ για να μπορέσεις να κάνεις τέτοιες υπέροχες λήψεις ...η κουκουβάγια έκλεψε την παράσταση όπως και η πίτσα σου...
    Να περναςν όμορφα ότι και να κανεις καλο υπολοιπο καλοκαιρακι την καληνύχτα μου φιλιααα!!

  38. Υπέροχη η κουκουβάγια σου Δήμητρα! Είσαι τόσο τυχερή που σου πόζαρε με τέτοια χάρη!!! Οπως καταλαβαίνεις κλέβει τις εντυπώσεις! Φιλάκια πολλά κι εύχομαι κι άλλα παρόμοια υπέροχα στιγμηότυπα!

  39. Um post repleto de extraordinárias imagens!!! Adorei todas... mas fiquei particularmente fascinada, com as fotos da coruja! Com detalhes incríveis! Brilhante trabalho fotográfico, Dimi! Muito parabéns!
    Beijinhos! Feliz semana, e continuação de um óptimo Agosto!

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